The Mission, Goals and Tasks of Eco-village


The mission of our eco-village in Kochbaani, Sagarejo Municipality, is to create a sustainable, harmonious, and thriving community that integrates the values of environmental stewardship, local culture, and economic empowerment. We aim to be a model of sustainable living and a source of inspiration for visitors, the local community, and our fellow eco-villagers.


Our purpose is to foster the development of a community where we work together to preserve the natural environment, celebrate and support local traditions, and create economic opportunities through agro-ecotourism. By promoting sustainable practices and showcasing the unique beauty of the region, we aspire to contribute to the well-being of both our community members and our guests, while ensuring the long-term resilience of the local ecosystem and culture.


Sustainable Living: Implement environmentally-friendly practices in agriculture, waste management, energy production, and water usage. Encourage the use of renewable resources and sustainable materials in construction and daily life.

Education and Skill-Building: Organize workshops, seminars, and training programs for eco-village members and the local community, focusing on topics such as organic farming, permaculture, green building, and traditional crafts. Collaborate with local experts to share knowledge and ensure the continuity of indigenous practices.

Ecotourism Development: Establish lodging and touristic facilities that adhere to sustainable and eco-friendly standards. Develop a variety of activities and experiences that showcase the region’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and local agricultural practices. Promote these offerings to both domestic and international tourists.

Local Economy Support: Encourage the growth of the local economy by providing opportunities for local residents to participate in the agro-ecotourism industry. Partner with local businesses, artisans, and farmers to create a network of resources and services for visitors and the community.

Cultural Preservation: Work closely with the residents of Kochbaani village to document and preserve local customs, stories, and traditions. Organize events and activities that celebrate and honor the region’s rich cultural heritage, ensuring its continuity for future generations.

Community Building: Foster a strong sense of unity and collaboration within the eco-village and with the local community. Create spaces for communal gatherings, meetings, and celebrations, allowing for the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and resources.

Outreach and Networking: Actively engage with other eco-villages, sustainable living initiatives, and relevant organizations. Share experiences, learn from one another, and collaborate on projects that promote sustainability and resilience on a larger scale.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly assess the impact of the eco-village’s activities on the environment, local economy, and cultural preservation. Use this information to adapt and improve the community’s practices and strategies.

By focusing on these tasks, our eco-village will stand as a beacon of hope for sustainable living, cultural preservation, and economic revitalization in the mountainous region of Georgia. Through collaboration and shared values, we strive to create a better future for both our community and the planet.

Equipped with modern communications and known for its ecologically clean environment, the summer zone for our eco-village is located in the village of Kochbaani, Sagarejo Municipality, in the gorge of the river Iori, at the crossroads of Tbilisi-Gombori-Telavi and Tbilisi-Sasadilo-Sioni. It is equidistant from the historic fortresses of Ujarma and Bochorma.